Can an Animator Work From Home?

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If you’re interested in working as an animator, you might be wondering whether an animator can work from home. Well, this is certainly possible, but there are a few things to consider first. Animators are generally expected to have a bachelor’s degree, and their workflow is typically uniform, this means that there’s little chance of … Read more

Is Animation a Fun Job?

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Introduction When it comes to the job you choose, no one wants a job where they end up dragging their heels to the office every day. Instead, we all hope to find something exciting and fun considering the amount of time working. There is a vast selection of options for future careers, from medical, accounting, … Read more

Are animators rich?


To look at whether animators are rich or not it is important to consider different kinds of animation, various studios in different locations, and the current options for an animator in 2021. People often consider animation employees solely as those who work for major studios like Disney and Pixar but the truth is that this … Read more